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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason®️!

At his core he is Warrior, Play, Radiance, Heart and Authenticity.

He is an Author, Professional & Personal Performance Coach, and Podcast Host.  In 2019 he published his first book Fictional Authenticity.  He has worked with employees at LinkedIn, ShutterFly, Godiva Chocolate, David&Goliath, McCann NY, Execonline, Coldwell Banker, and NSA, as well as Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Creators in various industries.  He is the Host of three podcasts: The DreamMason Podcast, Flip the Lens, and Co-Hosts The Coaching Show.

Alex is fiercely and constantly seeking to live a life of joy, love, and authenticity.  He believes the best way to achieve success personally and professionally is through commitment, passion, and integrity.


But it wasn't always this way...


Alex grew up in Los Angeles with his younger brother and two loving, committed, and involved parents. While he was fortunate to be raised with financial stability and had many of life's comforts, his life wasn't easy. Some of Alex's earliest memories involve struggling with a sense of being different and not being smart enough. As a child Alex was diagnosed with an eye muscle weakness that made reading and learning extremely difficult. Through daily exercises led by his mother, he was able to overcome this challenge, yet soon was diagnosed with some learning disabilities as well. While social activities and sports were areas in which he excelled, learning and school presented challenges. These challenges created opportunities for him to learn how to operate within systems, create parallel paths, use language to get the things he needed, and find alternate ways in which to succeed; however, deep down Alex also struggled with a powerful belief that he wasn't good enough.  


In a single moment, Alex realized that he wasn’t happy or fulfilled in his life, and that he was reaching for external sources to compensate for what what he was missing internally. Alex quickly became aware that he wasn't alone in seeking joy, pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment from outside sources, and that in transforming his own life he would need to have more of an impact on the lives of others.  He decided life moving forward was going to be different and he made a commitment to himself that each day he would be a better person, friend, coach, teammate, and colleague.  


Alex started on a personal and spiritual quest for growth and leadership. He went through process after process of deep introspection, ontological coaching, and leadership training.  He was able to both focus and expand his consciousness by practicing yoga, meditation, spiritual and energy work, while also learning to discover his strength in vulnerability, become compassionate, and consistently challenging himself to truly live authentically in his essence and to be relentless in exceeding his personal and professional potential.


Alex is a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, and a Graduate and Certified Coach of Accomplishment Coaching's Leadership and Life Coach training program, the world’s finest coach training program. In addition, Alex has mentored over 100 new coaches and leaders as a with Accomplishment Coaching.  He is also a Certified Health Coach and a graduate of The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  Alex also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California. Alex has always had a passion for and enjoyment of public speaking and he holds workshops with the intention of bringing the benefits of coaching to new audiences.


In 2019 he published his first book, Fictional Authenticity, Release Your Past, Start Living Your Real Life.  Which he followed up in 2020 with Fictional Authenticity-The Course, and online self guided transformation course.  Additionally, Alex has produced over 120 episodes as the host of The DreamMason Podcast.  In 2019 became the Co-Host of his mentor's podcast, The Coaching Show.  And in 2020 became part of the hosting trio for Flip the Lens - a podcast.


Alex loves to challenge himself and push his fears to the limits - he discovered the taste of pure bliss and tranquility after skydiving for the first time. To some he is also known as "Inspirational Alex".

In order to overcome this disempowering internal story, Alex learned to thrive and not be a victim of his circumstances, and through a powerful desire to be successful, cool, popular, and liked, Alex created a life of “Fictional Authenticity”. He spent years manufacturing a personal and professional life filled with conventional success in an effort to compensate for what he believed he lacked. Alex found achievement  in sports, social arenas, and in the Hospitality Business - all areas which were able to mask and hide the deep-seated belief that in and of himself, he just wasn't enough.  


For nearly 20 years Alex thrived in the Hospitality Industry, opening countless restaurants and bars, hiring and training hundreds of managers and generating millions of dollars in sales. He lead and defined brands and contributed to their growth. His natural desire to support others empowered him to become successful in the mentoring and coaching of countless successful professionals.  

Personally, Alex was popular and successful in the dating and social world. Yet, Alex's belief that he wasn't enough was the motivating factor in this area of his life and contributed to the "Fictionally Authentic” life he had created.  While he always managed to find connected and fulfilling relationships, he struggled to truly open up and be vulnerable, keeping himself from creating a deep, loving connection.   

No matter how much money Alex made, what type of car he drove, regardless of how many friends he had or how beautiful of a date he had on his arm, he could never achieve the level of joy, satisfaction, or fulfillment which he desperately craved.  


While having dinner with his family in Costa Rica, in a powerful moment of self-reflection...

Alex woke up!  

Alex Terranova

You are a DreamMason®️.

Because Your Dreams Don't Build Themselves!


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or just to up your game?

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