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“Alex has been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

Alex Terranova, Executive & Leadership Coach, Performance & Success Alchemist Alex Terranova of DreamMason Inc. named Top Business Executive and Leadership Coach by Coach Foundation

Alex Terranova is a Leadership & Executive Coach, Performance & Success Alchemist, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Author, International Speaker, and Retreat Leader. He's been dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” by Yahoo Finance, named 40 over 40 in podcasting by Podcast Magazine & is the Co-Creator of The Alchemy of Men Retreats and Men's Groups and Your Love Adventure, an innovative, fun, & adventurous new take on dating. He's widely known as the docile tones behind hundreds of podcasts and sometimes refers to himself as a Recovering Asshole.

Since 2015 Alex has coached hundreds of successful and powerful executives, CEOs, COOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and individuals to thrive financially, enhance strategic planning, and improve their leadership development, and talent management. Through his coaching organizations have seen dramatic increases in performance metrics, customer acquisition, management innovation, and operational efficiency, and personally enjoy better relationships, and achieve more, all with less stress, drama, and difficulty. As a Professional Certified Coach & the Founder of DreamMason Inc., Alex Terranova has uniquely combined raw, direct, and bold masculine tactics with magnetic, playful, and spiritual feminine ease. For his clients as well as himself, Alex is passionate and believes Integrity, Commitment, Vulnerability, Trust, and Faith make up the core of Authenticity, which provides access to living an exceptional life of abundance, love, & joy.

Alex is the author of Fictional Authenticity, the forthcoming book How Dreams Are Built, and the co-author of the bestselling book Redefining Masculinity. He has hosted & appeared in over 400 podcasts including, top-rated shows such as The University of Adversity, The Primal BluePrint, and Success Unleashed, and has interviewed hundreds of the world's highest-performing, wise, and successful leaders on his podcast, The DreamMason Podcast, a Top 2% ranked podcast according to ListenNotes.  He is also the host of Playing with Problems and the co-host of The Coaching Showand The Frequency Shifters Show.


He has been featured on NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, The Good Men Project, Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Elephant Journal. Alex has worked with athletes, entertainers, executives, & leaders in; MLB, LinkedIn, Shutterfly, Godiva, Chase, Million Dollar Sellers, and Coldwell Banker.​

Alex supports leaders and teams in creating real results, integrity, enjoyment, and peace so that they can be empowered and successful in what deeply matters to them and build their legacy.  Far too many of us have worked too hard to create this great life and not to be loving all of it!


Alex lives by the beach in Southern California with his wise & loving partner, Evin Rose, and their dog, Cali, & cat, Tucker.

Alex Terranova, Executive & Leadership Coach, Performance & Success Alchemist Alex Terranova of DreamMason Inc. at the Million Dollar Sellers Ecommerce Conference

People choose to work with me because achievement and financial success are not creating the rewarding life and business they desire. 

They have come to understand no amount of money will fix their relationships, make them feel like enough, 


That no external validation will fill that void inside them that says they are not enough.  


No amount of hard work, achievement, fame, or distraction will provide the peace, ease, joy, and connection they want.  


And that the legacy deeply they crave to leave will be measured by these metrics, not their bank statements.

You are a DreamMason®️.

Because Your Dreams Don't Build Themselves!


How did I get here because it wasn't always this way...


Alex grew up in Los Angeles with his younger brother and two loving, committed, and involved parents. While he was fortunate to be raised with financial stability and had many of life's comforts, his life wasn't easy. Some of Alex's earliest memories involve struggling with a sense of being different and not being smart enough. As a child, Alex was diagnosed with an eye muscle weakness that made reading and learning extremely difficult. Through daily exercises led by his mother, he overcame this challenge, yet soon was diagnosed with some learning disabilities as well. While social activities and sports were areas where he excelled, learning and school presented difficulties. These challenges created opportunities for him to learn how to operate within systems, create parallel paths, use language to get the things he needed, and find alternate ways to succeed; however, deep down, Alex also struggled with a powerful belief that he wasn't good enough.  

In order to overcome this disempowering internal story, Alex learned to thrive and not be a victim of his circumstances, and through a powerful desire to be successful, cool, popular, and liked, Alex created a life of “Fictional Authenticity”.  (He would, one day, write a book about this concept.) He spent years manufacturing a personal and professional life filled with conventional success in an effort to compensate for what he believed he lacked. Alex found achievement in sports, social arenas, and in the Hospitality Business - all areas which were able to mask and hide the deep-seated belief that in and of himself, he just wasn't enough.  


For nearly 20 years, Alex thrived in the Hospitality Industry, opening countless restaurants and bars, hiring and training hundreds of managers, and generating millions of dollars in sales. He led and defined brands and contributed to their growth. His natural desire to support others empowered him to become successful in the mentoring and coaching of countless successful professionals.  

Personally, Alex was popular and successful in the dating and social world. Yet, Alex's belief that he wasn't enough was the motivating factor in this area of his life and contributed to the "Fictionally Authentic” life he had created.  While he always managed to find connected and fulfilling relationships, he struggled to truly open up and be vulnerable, keeping himself from creating a deep, loving connection.   

No matter how much money Alex made, what type of car he drove, regardless of how many friends he had, or how beautiful of a date he had on his arm, he could never achieve the level of joy, satisfaction, or fulfillment that he desperately craved.  


While having dinner with his family in Costa Rica, in a powerful moment of self-reflection...

Alex woke up!  

In a single moment, Alex realized that he wasn’t happy or fulfilled in his life and that he was reaching for external sources to compensate for what he was missing internally. Alex quickly became aware that he wasn't alone in seeking joy, pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment from outside sources and that in transforming his own life he would need to have more of an impact on the lives of others.  He decided life moving forward was going to be different, and he committed himself that each day he would be a better person, friend, coach, leader, teammate, and colleague.  


Alex started on a personal and spiritual quest for growth and leadership. He went through process after process of deep introspection, ontological coaching, leadership training, and even plant medicine journeys.  He was able to both focus and expand his consciousness by practicing yoga, meditation, personal growth courses, and spiritual and energy work while also learning to discover his strength in vulnerability, become compassionate, and consistently challenge himself to live in deep integrity, authentic and to be relentless in exceeding his personal and professional potential.

Looking for Full Transformation or just to up your game?

Coaching might be for you!

Alex Terranova, Executive & Leadership Coach, Performance & Success Alchemist Alex Terranova of DreamMason Inc. San Diego, Ca

The Logo

The Ouroboros is one of the world's oldest symbols. In most renditions, a serpent in a circle eats its own tail. In many ancient cultures, the ouroboros represents the cycle of life, birth and death, renewal, the process, and the beginning and end of time. The center embodies the womb where creation is born. This rendition, it's in the shape of infinity, symbolizing that process is never-ending.

The Snake a creature that sheds its skin represents ever-present transformation and evolution, that isn't bound by bones (structure) and can maneuver without limitations. This symbol is often present in ancient Alchemist text. Alchemy is one of the oldest sciences, part science, part magic, in transforming ordinary metals into gold. Symbolizing the work in coaching transforming ordinary to excellence.

The Compass is one of the world's oldest tools for survival, advancement, and intention, symbolizes human's desire for growth, discovery, returning home, and adventure. The compass works with the natural magnetic forces of the planet in providing direction, but not a suggestion. The earth does not advise the compass. It only reflects a clear vision of what north is. The choice of where to go remains ours.

At DreamMason Inc., we have combined these two classic and potent symbols, one magical and one practical, serving human process, a sense of adventure, and evolutionary growth. We believe life is adventure, love, an experience of daily reinvention, and recreation for ourselves and our world. This process is full of beginnings, endings, achievements, and heartbreaks.

Humans have an extraordinary gift to choose in any moment, despite their pasts, who they will be, and how they will show up to create the experience and results they desire. The challenge becomes one's ability to do this consistently over time in service of our commitments. Our minds, limiting beliefs, familial and cultural narratives, and the challenging circumstances we are presented with often make this experience of achieving our goals, creating and leaving a legacy, and being the person we most want to be our most valuable experience.

DreamMason Inc. was created and exists to support your desire for authenticity, achieving excellence, finding peace, and becoming the best you so you can create and maintain an extraordinary life.

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