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Group Coaching

Some of us are more comfortable alone.  It can feel safer to work and open up to a coach one-on-one.  For others, having a breakthrough in a team, through partnership and connection, is where they feel like they are in their element. Sometimes that kind of teamwork requires relearning what things like ‘partnership’, ‘accountability’ and ‘responsibility to another’ mean.  


We could say that the greatest things in life are created by people in successful relationships and are developed by working together.  


Group or Buddy coaching might be the right fit to support you in these types of breakthroughs and growth. For some people, it's about working on communication skills, relationship building or teamwork, and for others it's looking at their own life through the lens of another. At times, the best part of buddy or group coaching is getting the support, feedback, and creating the accountability structures that one can learn to use outside of coaching.

Relationships exist everywhere.  

We have relationships with other beings, but also with money, with our jobs, with our environments, and with our goals.  


Nothing great was ever created by one person.  No one single person working alone ever changed the world or an industry.  While we know the names of people like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, JFK, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Madonna, Tim Ferris or Nelson Mandela, they were surrounded by partners, teams, and groups who supported them in creating and crafting their vision.  Some of us learned how to powerfully work with others, some of us learned how to lead and partner in relationships and on teams, but most of us have simply had to approach relationships and teams with minimal preparation, or with what we learned from our friends and family.     


Group coaching is a great way to practice and develop our relationship and teamwork skills.  Group coaching creates an environment of intensified feedback, support and accountability.  It becomes a small community in which we form bonds and practice our leadership and team skills.

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