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Individual Coaching

."Alex[...]gave me the bones-deep understanding that impossibility is a product of the mind..."

"During our time together, Alex gifted me with one of the best presents I have ever received. He gave me the bones-deep understanding that impossibility is a product of the mind. With the right planning, the right work, anything is possible. Ideals are achievable, and Alex has an arsenal of tools to create conditions for manifestation. He is honorable, consistent, caring, and a delight to chat with once a week...  Having his support is invaluable, and I look forward to the next time we work together professionally. Thank you SO MUCH, Alex, for your dedication to empowerment and positive relationship."

-Caroline, Entreprenur 

Brooklyn, NY

Are you living your life to your Highest Potential?  

Are you accomplishing personal and professional goals?  

Are your relationships thriving on love?

Does fear, doubt, or ingrained habit stop you from living your life or from producing the results you desire?

Do you find yourself in the same money, health or relationship patterns?


Is there a project you want to be working on yet can’t seem to get started?


Do you find yourself saying you're going to create or do things and yet they either don't happen or take much longer than anticipated?


Do you know you are capable of living a life far greater, more joyful, with more fulfillment and satisfaction?


Do you know that if you believed in yourself more and showed up to the challenge as your Highest and Best Self, you’d be killing it?

So, how long are you willing to postpone the life you want?

And how much longer are you willing to come up short in your personal and professional goals?

Individual coaching is designed for those ready to get results, take ownership of their lives, transform, generate joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.


Together we will set goals and you will discover what you are really capable of.  We will pinpoint what it is that gets in the way of everything you have ever wanted, and we will create practices, actions, and accountability structures to have you break disempowering habits, behaviors, and patterns, and empower you to succeed!   

Alex Terranova

With individual coaching you will get:​

  • Personal focused attention

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Appointments

  • Unique & Personalized Weekly Practices

  • Ways to create definable and measurable goals and achieve them

  • Tools to develop a roadmap and action plan to generate desired results

  • Techniques for identifying stops, self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors

  • Learn to generate power, velocity, motivation, confidence, and inspiration

  • Support to operating in spite of fear

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Expanded communication & leadership skills

  • Tools for recreating relationships

  • Support & Accountability

  • Wellbeing & Mindfulness Development

  • Falling in love with yourself

6 Month, 1 Year, 

and Customized




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