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Celebration, Don't be Stingy

EP52 - Celebration, Don’t be Stingy

I realized something recently—I don’t know how to celebrate. When I think of celebration all that comes to mind is men winning championships in sports, jumping up and down spraying champagne everywhere. It’s a weird thing to say, but in many ways, I’m winning all over my life. And while I hit many of my goals, I never celebrate these wins. I accomplish something and then immediately create a new goal and focus on that. While there’s nothing wrong with this way of doing things, it does result in an endless cycle of do, achieve, do, achieve, do, achieve, with no true satisfaction, fulfillment or enjoyment. In thinking about this process I realized I don’t know how to celebrate or just be truly joyful. I know how to have a good time, how to have fun, be silly and play, but I don’t know how to really celebrate. I started looking around and I think a lot of men and women don’t know how to celebrate their wins. This got me really curious. Then I realized one of my colleagues and friend is the living embodiment of joy and celebration. She and I got to talking and brainstorming about joy and celebration and decided to bring that conversation here, to The DreamMason Podcast.

So today my guest is Laura Westman, a Creative Empowerment Coach, who trains leaders and coaches for Accomplishment Coaching, serves on the leadership team at HEALcare and is a living walking and breathing being of joy!

On this episode of The Dreammason Podcast we discuss:

-The experience of joy in our stories and backgrounds

-How to cultivate more joy in life

-Celebrating yourself and your accomplishments

-Creative lives that are joyful and full of celebration—because you simply choose to create it

-The male vs female experience of joy

-Self-expression and creativity

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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason and a Performance & Mindfulness Coach. He works with Leaders, Creators, and Innovators; those brave enough to build their dreams. If you’re a high performer looking for an edge, with a desire to expand your leadership, generate more money, more time and feel more fulfilled, working with Alex will support you in making that life a reality.

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