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Put Yourself Out There with Justin Orr

EP90 - Put Yourself Out There with Justin Orr

“Can I consistently put myself out there, because if I don't I’ll never accomplish my goals. ”

-Justin Orr

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My guest today is Justin Orr. Justin is an accomplished athlete, who trained with NFL greats Mike Alstott, Randy Moss, Jake Reed, Cris Carter, Desmond Howard, and NBA Legend Scottie

Justin Orr

Pippin. At Notre Dame, he held the bench-press Record and at NFL Pro-day he bench-pressed 255 lbs over 50 times and he had the fastest shuttle. From 1999-2002 and again in 2010 he was a Member of the US Bobsled Team. He's also a 2-time Gold Medalist at 1999 World Push Championships in Monaco, France and set the USA Push Track Record!

Wow. Right! But Justin is much more than his accomplishments, he's a business owner, father, husband and a man who understands that to achieve success in life you must to be willing to fail and show up over and over again learning from each experience.

On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

-Putting yourself out there

-Having the courage to fail

-Mindset limitations in business

-Perseverance and faith

-How to overcome fear

-Short term goals versus long term goals

-Being present

-Setting goals and playing a long term game

-The value and importance of having a routine

-Doing versus being

-Showing up from a positive mindset

-Marriage and relationships

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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason, a Personal and Professional Performance Coach, and the Host of The DreamMason Podcast. He helps strong and successful men boldly declare what they want, get real about what’s in the way, and create the strategy and the steps for more clarity, freedom, and success in their life. Together, we get things done faster, raise the bar on your goals, improve your relationships, and get crystal clear on what you really want.

Alex has been featured on Focus TV’s Good Morning La La Land, NBC Radio, The Rising Man Podcast, Elephant Journal, The Sovereign Society Podcast, The Coaching Show, Love Living Radio and an episode of The Villain Crusher.

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