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Alex Terranova named 40 over 40 in Podcasting

"In our April issue, we celebrated 40 podcasters under the age of forty who are passionate about their topic of influence in the podcasting medium. This month, we asked for your help in identifying 40 Over Forty podcasters who also tirelessly strive to share their passion, knowledge, and experience in their specific areas of interest with listeners worldwide.

One of the beautiful aspects of the world of podcasting is that it doesn’t discern. People from all walks of life—all ages, races, religions, and opinions—have a place, making it that much easier for them to find audiences that turn into communities.

To the 40 Over Forty featured in the following pages, we salute and congratulate you!"

-Podcast Magazine

"Alex Terranova is the host of The DreamMason Podcast, co-host of The Coaching Show and The Frequency Shifters Show, and producer of over 15 other podcasts. A “performance alchemist” dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” by Yahoo Finance, he supports wildly successful and influential people to live lives of purpose, passion, and impact. He is committed to providing value to others, including his fellow podcasters, so they have flourishing shows. He has also appeared as a guest on over 500 episodes. For Alex, podcasting isn’t about money—it’s about helping those who might otherwise lack a voice in the world."

-Podcast Magazine

Well, this is a pretty cool way to start August! Thank you, Steve Olsher / Podcast Magazine

Podcasting might be available to everyone, but it's not easy. To do it well and consistently it's a commitment. Tons of hard work, discipline, creativity, unacknowledged energy, and resolve have gone into podcasting over the last 4+ years.

You don't start a podcast for money, fame, or even to grow a business because most of the time, it won't do any of those things. You start a podcast because you have something to say, share or because you want to provide a platform for others to have a voice.

I love podcasting. I feel so grateful to share and help others share in a way that feels authentic, honest, and valuable. This recognition feels like a deep breath. And I could not have created all the podcasts I've made without all those supporting me. I feel grateful to be surrounded by many people who helped me along the way, be it as a guest, a host, a member of my podcasting team, or a friend or family who listens, shares, and gives me uplifting encouragement or feedback.

Do things that make you happy, do something that light you up, do things that make you feel alive, and do things because they feel good. Do that, and you will live an extraordinary life you enjoy the experience of living.

Special thanks to Nico Powell Lourdes Diaz, Adam, and Scotty, Alexandra, Christopher McAuliffe, Vanessa, and everyone at Accomplishment Media; without all of your help, support, feedback, and guidance, I wouldn't be able to create in a way that I love!

And thank you, Evin Rose , for always encouraging all my creative ideas and reminding me of who I am when I get grumpy, negative, start brooding, get hard on myself, and forget ❤️


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