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Brave Men

I am feeling really inspired today by brave men, men who buck the masculine norm and put their highest commitments and desires over their fears or the success hampster wheel.

Listening to men say yes to the Alchemy of Men retreat is expanding my heart exponentially.

Listening to men share how they want more depth in their relationships with male friends and their romantic relationships.

Listening to men share how they have struggled for so long, grinding it out, being tough, hiding their feelings, and how free it feels to open up, to be real, honest, authentic, and let it out.

Listening to men open up about the success they have created and how they always thought it would make them happy or feel good enough and suddenly realizing money won't solve the issues that actually plague them.

Men who have let their work, relationships, health, and creativity be dictated by what society has conditioned us to think is appropriate or proper for us.

I'm so grateful I got called out by my friend Yas to create this retreat and for Bob Conlin to partner with me on it. While the retreat isn't till Oct, I feel deeply impacted by the men who are saying yes and even the men who have said no, because they are conversing about their lives, relationships, feelings, and what matters to them.


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