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Comfort is the Enemy

I feel so lucky to have found this little one. I was afraid for so long to get a dog. I would come up with all the excuses, reasons, and circumstances that getting a dog wasn't a good idea... There was a lot of logic that made sense to it not being a good idea.

But I learned a great lesson. Not having a dog was easy, it was my comfort zone just because it was what I was used to. But by staying comfortable and focusing on all the fears, circumstances, ”logical” reasons, and excuses my brain was creating, I was missing out on all the possibilities... The playing, the love, the joy, the laughter, the pride, and all the excitement.

See our brains do this all the time. It chooses comfort, what we already know and are used to, and uses logic to make it make sense. But nothing new is available there. It's just playing it safe. But logic doesn't account for all the best things life, like love, fun, play, excitement, joy, and pride. Those things you can't figure out or strategize around. Those things come from your heart, not your head.

While it might seem obvious with a puppy, getting out of my head and into my heart changed my and Cali’s lives!


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