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Gratitude to the Indigenous Tribes of The Americas

Before I married Evin in Tulum, Bob and I sat with a Shaman in a Temazcal. Temazcal translates to "House of Heat" in the Nahuatl language. It's a Shamanic ritual that dates back to pre-Columbian times and allows and supports the purification of the body and relaxation of the mind through sweat sessions. Temazcal is one of the few rituals that has survived in Mexico before the conquest. The Shaman led us in honoring our ancestors, nature, and the elements, which felt calming and powerful before a life-altering event such as my wedding. In the ceremony, I was visited by Evin's Dad, who passed away when she was young, and my Grandparents, who have also passed. It was an extraordinary experience and further enriched my reverence and appreciation for the practices of indigenous cultures, especially those from the indigenous groups of the Americas.

This experience wasn't my first. I have and continue to work with multiple Shamans (I say that word gently, as it's become overused and appropriated in modern society. I also don't know if they would call themselves Shamans. They might refer to themselves as medicine women/men, guides, or maestros). Last year, I received the Munay-Ki (initiation rites from the peoples of the Amazon & Andes), sat with Ayahuasca and other plants in Sacred Ceremonies many times, and took and practiced other cultural rituals from different tribes like the Shapibo & Q'ero. These experiences have changed my life. They have connected me to my higher self, supported me to heal past trauma, and allowed me to engage and partner with spirit on a level I didn't realize was possible. This has impacted every area of my life, from business to marriage. I have deep respect and reverence for the original peoples of the Americas. I share their traditions, support them financially, and strongly encourage others to go to them for their learning, wisdom, and advancement. I do not want to profit off their traditions and culture but wish to bring others to their culture so they can benefit economically and share their wisdom.

Bob and I have wanted to partner with Indigenous leaders and communities to expand their influence and wisdom, something we deeply believe the world needs more of a return to a deeper connection to the planet, nature, animals, all living things, and each other.

I'm so excited to share that the next Alchemy of Men Leadership Retreat (Tubac, Arizona, June 12-16) is in partnership with 4th Generation Apache on their land and that of the O'odham and Yaqui. We are honored to share their space and land and learn from them. While I won't give away all the goodies, it's the same Alchemy of Men Retreat that we've been doing but with some rituals and experiences led by them.

I feel grateful and humbled to be invited in and allowed to partake in these ancient practices as a man of non-native or Indigenous American background. I'm excited to celebrate and share these traditions with men who are curious to learn more. If you are curious about the retreat, rituals, tools I've used, or people I've worked with, I'm happy to connect you to these people and communities. If you'd like ways to support the original people, I can direct you toward businesses, groups, and charities that support the healing, growth, and advancement of these people and their communities.


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