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How to Create 10X Results

When you are in your full masculine greatness and power, you are pretty powerful, can be unstoppable, and can accomplish anything YOUR MIND can figure out...

But here's the thing, your masculinity can only take you as far as your brain, logic, action, and results can get you. It's greatness from and through you alone.

When you bring that power and unleash your feminine; trust, flow, surrender, creativity, play, and the ability to be dynamic, you open up a force or power that is beyond you. What becomes possible is bigger than you.

Men, we have been operating, pushing, driving, forcing, hustling, taking action, doing, and getting results for a long long time. And it's time to expand our power and ability and open up what's possible for us and our lives beyond bigger than ourselves.

This isn't woo-woo magic or some California nonsense, but it's utilizing both masculine and feminine energies that already run through you. Men and many women we are only using half of what is within us.

Suppose you are brave, courageous, and willing to learn to trust, surrender, have faith, lean into and expand your heart and creativity and allow what could become possible to emerge. What we can create is far more impressive than anything you could have imagined or done on your own.

So you have a choice, keep hustling, grinding, putting in that hard work, and getting that incremental staircase results...

Or you can step into the full ability of who you are, learn to create a new and different way, and produce results that leapfrog the metrics and milestones you have set out for and will blow your f*ckin mind!

Your masculine has done a heck of a job getting you here. Still, you might feel tired, stressed, burnt out, and just annoyed that you haven't been able to hit your goals as fast as you wanted or go beyond them.

There are results and possibilities for you that are currently out of reach in how you play life, work, money, and relationships. Leaning into a new way could set you completely free...


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