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How to Live a Happy Life

This is a secret to a happy life!

Do you ever think about all the things you get to do?

You get to clean your house.

You get to fill up your car with gas.

You get to empty the dishwasher.

You get to pull weeds from your garden.

You get to fight with your partner.

You get to complain about not having enough sex.

You get to complain that your home isn't big enough or nice enough.

You get to pick up your dog's poop.

You get to fight with your kids about their homework.

You get upset that the 6am yoga class you woke up early for was canceled last minute.

You get to call and pay a plumber to fix a broken pipe.

You get to go to work.

You get to wait in line to get that thing you want.

You get to have technology issues and problems.

You get to do all these things and so many other things that feel like crap, not fun, miserable, laborious, frustrating, and annoying.

Yes, you get to.

You get to because you have your actual "needs" met. You have food, air, shelter, water, and safety. So you get to do all these other things because if you did not have food, air, shelter, water, and security, that would be all that mattered to you.

You also get to because you have earned it, are lucky, or just privileged. That's not bad, but when I called the plumber the other day, I was like, I don't want to pay for this; how annoying. Then I realized how hard I worked to get a house, how lucky I am to have a fantastic home I love, and how much privilege my life afforded me to get this house. And then I felt grateful that I could call a plumber and pay him. I love that I can fix and take care of what is broken in the house.

I thought about this in my relationship too. Evin does things that bother or annoy me. And to be clear, I definitely do not disturb or upset her in any way, but that's another conversation. But the things that bother or annoy me are also constant reminders that I have this amazing, kind, loving, beautiful, supportive woman in my life. I can focus on the things I don't like or use them as reminders of what I have and be grateful.

So you choose, you can live an "I get to" life. You can an "I have to life" or a "what's wrong or how things should be life."

Ready to shift into this mentality. Talk to me about the Alchemy of Men retreat, working with me one-on-one, or Your Love Adventure.


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