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How to Save Your Marriage & Relationship

MEN, when your women are talking to Bob Conlin and me about why they want you to go on the Alchemy of Men retreat, or to hire a coach, or to go to therapy…


Women will be patient with your challenges, your struggles, the stress you hold, and the pressure and weight you carry to succeed. They will give you time to heal, to be stuck, to share your emotions, to shut down, to learn to feel, and even to isolate.

But they won’t be patient forever. You don’t realize the pain you are creating for them. The feelings of loneliness, the disconnection, the absence of your attention on them, and the yearning to feel you...

It takes a massive toll.

You might not think it’s that bad. You might think your marriage is fine.

But when they surprise you with a divorce or separation, it’s probably too late.


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