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I Wrote My Own Eulogy - And It Changed My Life

Alex Terranova was my Dad...

I recently had the opportunity to write my eulogy in the voice and from the perspective of the person that would be reading it.

I wrote it in the voice of my unborn Daughter, Riley...

(*Side note, Evin, my partner is not pregnant, and we did not lose a child. This is simply an exercise where I envisioned my future Daughter writing and reading my eulogy)

There's a lot I can say about this exercise. How I cried the entire time I was writing it. Or how I felt my heart was racing with pride sharing through her perspective the man, father, husband, leader, and creative I had been. While it was challenging to write, it was equally heartbreaking and heartwarming. It was a transformational exercise that provided me with a clear sense of direction about the life I want to live.

While I could have been focused on the accomplishments, what she shared was the impact and connection I had with her, Evin, and others throughout my life. While I could see and feel proud of my accomplishments which she didn't ignore, it was abundantly clear that my subconscious and conscious mind knew the value of a life isn't in what we do but in who we are being.

So, who are you being?

Do you pause to think about who you are being and how you are showing up with people?

Do you put intention on the person you are being and how you connect with others?

Do you share your emotions and feelings, aka your heart and your truth?

Most of us don't.

I wrote my own Eulogy

Most of us tell stories and explain things.

Most of us don’t share our feelings and emotions.

Most of us are focused on what we are doing and what actions we take and spend most of our time trying to get things done.

But if you wrote a eulogy like this, as I did, I bet you'd see the things you did in your life take a back seat to the impact you had on others, the love you shared, and the depth of the connections you created.

When your life ends, you won't be upset you didn't make more money, accomplish more things, grow your business, and live in a bigger house.

When your life ends, you'll wish you loved more, that you spoke your truth more often, that you shared more time with those you love, and that you had shared how you felt more openly and honestly with people.

When your life comes to an end, who you were being will matter much more than all the things you did.

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