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Keep Creating with Kristen Van Nest

EP 149: Keep Creating with Kristen Van Nest

On this episode, we catch up with Kristen Van Nest as she navigates life during COVID and how she has been able to find creative inspiration in spite of the pandemic.

Kristen is an LA-based comedian on BuzzFeed, Funny or Die, a lead actress on The Chunky Zeta on Amazon Prime, head writer for "Nightpantz," YouTube channel, and podcast regular. Her past bylines include McSweeney's, Forbes, HuffPost, and Museum of Americana: Literary Review. She also happens to be a Fulbright Scholar, traveling to over 40 countries and performing improv and stand up in Shanghai, China, where she lived for 3.5 years.

In this episode we discuss:

-Covid Experience as a creative

-Creative expression and letting it out

-Utilizing time

-Moving cultivates creativity

-Feedback and accountability

-Embracing your weird and awkward

-Being comfortable being uncomfortable

-Life meets comedy

-Finding or creating opportunity everywhere

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You can connect with Kristen Van Nest at:

Facebook: @KristenVanNest

Instagram: @KristenVanNest

You can connect with Alex Terranova here: 

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex 



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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason, the author of Fictional Authenticity, a Personal & Professional Performance Coach, and he Hosts The DreamMason Podcast, Flip the Lens & Co-Hosts The Coaching Show Podcast. He supports strong & successful high achievers to unmask convention, embrace the rebel within them, and more deeply explore the complex and agitated edges of our existence to create more clarity, freedom, and success.

Alex has been featured on NBC, Fox, Focus TV’s Good Morning LaLa Land, NBC Radio, Elephant Journal, The University of Adversity Podcast, The Unleash Success Podcast, The Rising Man Podcast, The Sovereign Society Podcast, Love Living Radio, and an episode of The Villain Crusher.

Alex is located in San Diego, California, has been practicing as a Coach since 2015. He specializes in Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Executive Leadership Coaching, Corporate Team Coaching, Coaching for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. He has created courses on leadership, communication, team building personal growth, and business development based on authenticity. ​

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Keep Creating with Kristen Van Nest and Alex Terranova on The DreamMason Podcast
Keep Creating with Kristen Van Nest and Alex Terranova on The DreamMason Podcast


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