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"Don't mix business & pleasure."


We've all heard that before. What an idiotic saying. I understand it implies not to mix sex and work, but why create a lazy black and white belief that speaks volumes to our subconscious that work and enjoyment, aka business and pleasure, shouldn't mix?

This cultural cliche saying has done a number on us. As a society, we have accepted that enjoying your work, business, and career comes second to making money and success. The implication is that business ruins pleasure and or that pleasure ruins business.

I 100% believe and know from my own experience this couldn't be farther from the truth. Pleasure exponentially grows my business. Pleasure exponentially has me more focused and committed.


-Pleasure has me be more excited about my business, so I'm happy to spend more time and energy on it

-it has me talk about business with joy & enthusiasm that feels good but also is attractive drawing interest from others

-if I'm having a pleasurable time, I'm able to be vastly more focused in tern more effective and considerably more productive

-if I'm enjoying myself, my mental health is in a better place, improving my confidence which dramatically impacts our business

-it makes my life more enjoyable overall

And so you don't read this, runoff, and do pleasurable things that sabotage your business. Consider these four things when mixing business and pleasure

1. Am I being intentional? How does this action or pleasure serve me and my business overall?

2. Is whatever I'm getting pleasure from aligned with my commitments? And am I in integrity with the person I say I am?

3. Am I aware of the natural consequences and potential repercussions of my actions, and would can I 100% choose them also?

4. How could I bring pleasure to my work or business in a way that would invigorate my energy and enjoyment around it?

100% mix business & pleasure. Bring creativity, and invite as much pleasure into your life and business as possible. If you do it with intention and consciousness, it will improve your productivity, happiness, and overall work experience.

Also, stop believing dated old sayings based on fear structured paradigms!

Why we should mix business and pleasure.
Alex Terranova & Evin Rose at Business & Pleasure in Laguna Beach


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