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More Sex, More Love, More Money, More Fun - Your Masculinity might be holding you back

New Episode of The DreamMason Podcast is live. Bob Conlin joins me for this episode on Masculinity.

I love this clip because I'm giving an example of how many of us are running our lives. If our life is a car, each tire represents a different part of our lives. One tire is our work, one our romantic relationships, one our health, and one our family and friends. For many successful people, our car is running with three of the tires blown out, not tended to, or powerfully maintained. However, that one tire is working so hard the car seems to be flying down the road, and that person's life seems successful. But because the other three tires aren't maintained, behind the car (behind the scenes), sparks are flying, rubber is melting, and the one tire and engine must work so hard to pull the car at that rate. However, if we put a little attention on the other three tires, the car would run fast, smoother, and with more ease to not only reach the same level of speed as with one tire but ultimately go way more quickly and further with the same level of energy.

We are often so afraid to let go of what works for us. So fearful if we take our eye off "success," we will lose all we have worked so hard for. But often, the opposite is true. When we give our attention to those neglected areas, our whole life levels up, and we become more "successful" and better at our business, and we do it in flow, and our lives start to feel good.


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