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Real Men Share

In 1988 Byron Scott was a Champion. The Lakers were playing for back-to-back titles, but Scott was struggling, challenged by off-the-court issues, and mentally and emotionally distracted. This was significantly impacting his on-the-court performance.

He asked Coach Riley if he could address the team at practice. He shared with the team his heart. His mother had become addicted to drugs, and the neighborhood he grew up in, LA, where his family was, was being destroyed by drugs and gangs, and this was all eating at him.

Byron Scott opened up, cried, shared, did the brave, manly thing, and shared his feelings, emotions, and heart. The men around showed up powerfully as men and listened; they held space, embraced him, and showed up to support him.

He was courageous and vulnerable, and it freed him.

You think you can compartmentalize your relationships, health, work, family, money, sleep, and every part of your life.

But you can't.

Even if you think you can or nobody else notices, it's impacting your overall performance. You cannot perform at your peak potential when other areas of your life are taking on water.

We are not robots; all the parts of our lives are connected. Want to go beyond good enough, fine, pretty good, excellence, and a thriving life is built in the details, in the shadows, behind the scenes.

Level up the areas of your life that you find confronting, complicated, or uncomfortable, and the areas you are passionate about, love, or focus on will consequently expand and take off!

Men, it's time to free yourselves. Join Bob Conlin and me this October at the Alchemy of Men retreat in Idaho. We are 1/3 full, and we aren't saving seats!


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