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Saving your Relationship

Men, your women don’t need you to work harder, to make more money, or to achieve more, to be in perfect shape; that’s a myth.

That’s the system gaming you.

If you are with a woman who needs that, we can have a whole different conversation.

But the women that love you, that care about you, they want YOU! They want your heart, your attention, your presence, your spirit, and your love. They want you to be happy, healthy, enjoying life, and connected to yourself, your friends, and your family. They want you to thrive and not be stressed out, burnt, out, and unhappy in the process!

Men, when will you care about yourself and live a great, enjoyable, fun, peaceful, satisfying, and prosperous life as much as your women care about it for you?

This is what the Alchemy of Men retreat is all about!

Bob Conlin and I have been where you are, hustling, grinding, shutting down our feelings, unable to powerful communicate with our partners, and have used drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, tv, and sports to dull the pain or the mundaneness of life.

This is the moment and the opportunity you have been waiting for!

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