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The Retreat for Men...

who might not usually go on Men's retreats...

Nobody needs to tell you how to be a man. Nobody has the right way or the right path. We are sick of coaches and leaders telling men they shouldn’t be like this and should be more like that. Who you are as a man is for you to unpack, get intentional about, choose, and create based on the life you want, the world you want, the relationships you desire, and the legacy you want to build.

@relationship_alchemist and I want to support you in unpacking how your ideas of masculinity were formed. Get clarity on if those patterns, habits, and ways of being a man are working for you, your relationships, the world, your career, and the future you want.

Unfortunately, often they aren’t working for us, as they are mostly built on bad examples from men who weren’t present or were dealing with their traumas and challenges. Many of us have never even thought about this before, and we just accepted this is how we are, how men are, or how life is.

But it’s not working. Men are unhappy! Frustrated! Feeling trapped in jobs they don't love. Bringing their unhealed trauma to their partners and children. Distracting themselves with earning more, sex, media, sports, achievement, and more goals. We aren’t the loving, heart-based leaders and partners we want to be. We are stressed, tired, burnt out, angry, unhealthy, and overwhelmed with unhealed and unexpressed emotions.

It’s time to choose and create the man you want to be! How that man works, loves, leads, connects and builds his life. Nature, Free Time, Leaving the Stress at home, a break, fun, connecting with other badass men.

That’s what the Alchemy of Men Retreat is all about. Don’t miss this opportunity! Spots are limited.


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