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There is no "right time"

There will always be something,

Another meeting, Another deadline, Another emergency, Another timeline, milestone, or project!

At home, there will also always be something, too

Another sleepless night, More shopping to do, Another parent-teacher conference, More cleaning, dishes, remodels, and laundry, More wants more needs, and more travel.

There will always be another game, another bill, another chore, another time you say you don't have enough time or enough money.

It keeps coming...

Until you stop it from choosing how you live your life!

Until you decide that you are in fact in charge, that you get to decide where you put your time, focus, love, and energy, you will be taken over by the next thing that comes down the pipe.

When you decide, that your time, your self-care, your mindset, your heart, and your life is the more important than every little you get to really start winning and living.

Men, we are living lives of quiet sadness, staleness, unhappiness, repetitiveness, hustling, grinding, and just waiting for that day that we can take our foot off the gas...

That day could be today! You could say YES to the Alchemy of Men retreat and your life will look different moving forward.

Not only do you get this retreat, but you get a community, Bob and I supporting you for 90 days after!

What are you waiting for?

Alex Terranova & Bob Conlin Men's Coaches, Leaders, Alchemists, Business Coaches, helping men find more freedom, ease, peace, love, and joy.


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