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What is Successful

I firmly believe and strongly advocate with my male (and some female) clients that a exceptional life is about having it all.

-If you are wealthy and unhappy, what a waste of wealth.

-If you are loved and have community but are drained or exhausted because you don't take care of yourself, you can’t take advantage of all that connection.

-If you are winning in Biz but losing your mind with stress or burnout and not able to be present and joyful at home with your partner, what's all the success for?

-If you can't enjoy life because you are too tired, too focused, or too driven to make money or achieve something, what's all that accomplishing for?

A tremendously successful, fulfilling life is usually about having it all, happiness, peace, freedom, fulfillment, deep connections, a purpose, and of course, love.

Evin Rose and I do a lot. We have a home, multiple businesses and creative projects, a relationship we are intentional about, travel almost monthly, have two pets, our families, and tons of wellbeing habits and practices. We make sure to get all these things take care of. If we fall too far into one area and lose focus of another, we have to adjust.

I would call our lives a success not because we are the richest or most successful in our industries, or because we are the most in shape, or have the biggest home or best car, or blah blah blah, but because overall all our whole life thrives, and provides joy, fulfillment, drives our purpose, supports our well-being, feeds tons of deep connections and is filled with a lot of love.

We just got back from NYC, what a trip!


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