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From Problems to Games

If I'm being honest, I often think I have big problems.

I think I have problems with money, health, business, success, writing, my house, body, and relationship. I could go on and on because my mind consistently tells me something is wrong and there are endless problems to fix.

From problems to games

And if something is wrong or there is something to fix, it must be a problem.

A month ago, I was doing an exercise to let go of 2022 and shift into creating what I wanted from 2023. In doing that, it hit me; I don't have any problems...

  • I have goals that still need to be accomplished.

  • I have things within myself and life that I prefer that are different.

  • I have challenges to overcome.

  • I have stress, fear, and difficulties.

  • I have goals I still need to reach.

  • I have preferences that aren't met.

  • I have wants and desires that aren't fulfilled.

  • I have ideas of what I want my life to look like.

But I don't have problems.

For clarity, what I call a problem is inadequate food, shelter, clean air & water, safety, general freedoms, and health.

Not having those things is a big problem. Millions of people have problems. Millions of people don't have these things that they absolutely need.

I am grateful daily that I have all these things. And I am thankful that most people I know have all these things.

So why is this important?

Having Problems is Important. But Not the Way You Think

Problems often steal our joy, peace, love, calmness, connection, ability to play, and overall ability to enjoy our lives.

When we believe we have problems or label things as problems, we unintentionally rob ourselves of some of the experiences we crave most.

When we have actual problems, we need our brains focused on solving them. Everything else takes a backseat when we don't have food, air, water, safety, shelter, or fundamental freedoms. We need to survive, and our brains need to use all their resources for that purpose.

However, when we have what we need, yet we convince ourselves that we have problems that aren't problems, our brains automatically put solving those "problems" above our joy, love, connection, calmness, peace, and play.

For those of us who don't have problems, as I have described, our lives are filled with goals, challenges, and expectations of our design. We decided to start that business, accept that job, grow a family and have more kids, buy that house, travel the world, or start a side hustle.

And while all those things come with challenges and obstacles, they aren't problems.

They are opportunities to grow, stretch, and test us. They are goals, challenges, expectations, or the games we play.

Why get to a place where we are free of so many of the problems millions face to make up problems and rob ourselves of the joy of life?

That's why 2023 is about creating games for my clients and me.

When we are free of problems, we get to create the games we want to play. We get to choose the mountains we want to climb. We get to push ourselves and see what we are capable of.

Want a bigger home? A bigger family? More money? More travel? More joy? Want to write a book? Want a better job? More freedom? More creativity? More fun? Hotter Sex? More joy? A better body? A happier relationship?

Those sound like some awesome games to create!

Those are games we get to play. We get to challenge ourselves, push ourselves, test ourselves and find out what we are capable of. When we hit challenges, roadblocks, or things that aren't going well, they aren't problems; they are the parts of the game that test us that push us to discover who we are capable of becoming when we are tested or uncomfortable.

Want to make 2023 the best year of your life?

Start with being grateful for all you have. And if you have adequate food, clean air & water, shelter, safety, and fundamental freedoms, you might not have actual problems.

Then choose the game(s) you want to play this year. Embrace the challenges the game brings. And become the person you need to be to win the game.

And if you're interested in playing bigger games, schedule a time to chat with me ( about how working with me can support you in climbing those mountains.

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