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You've Been Doing Surrender All Wrong

You likely have been doing surrender all wrong.

I was.

You say you surrender. You try and release your grip on your controlling and managing tendencies. You witness yourself letting go.

But here's the thing, surrender is a result, not an action.

Huh? You might be saying.

Maybe you even disagree and think surrender is something you do.

Really? So try and do it. How would you "do" it?

You can't "do" surrender.

Think about it, do surrender; it's not a thing. It's like love; it's not a thing you can do. You can't do love. You can be love, you can be loving, and you can take loving actions, but love isn't an action; it's a way of being, a feeling, or a result.

Surrender is the same. Most of us think we are surrendering, but we are missing the critical component of surrender...

Which is acceptance... I can accept things the way they are. I can accept myself for how I am. I can accept others the way they are regardless if I like it, agree with them, or prefer it another way. I can accept life the way it is, regardless of how I would like it to be.

Acceptance is the action that creates surrender as a result.

It's about having reverence and full approval for things exactly as they are. That is true surrender.

The thing about acceptance and surrender is they create the space for ease, trust, faith, play, and freedom. They allow you to operate without fear running the show or manipulating you in the background controlling what you can do or can't do and how you can or can't live your life.

Interested in talking more about how you can create more acceptance in your life and, intern, find more ease, peace, and freedom through surrender? Let's talk.

And if you're a man looking for more fun, ease, peace, joy, wealth, and freedom in your life, let's connect and talk about The Alchemy of Men Retreat.

Alex Terranova, Business Coach, Alchemist, Author, Podcast Host

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