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Your "Gut" Might Be Holding You Back

We think we need a plan with clear goals and metrics. We believe we need to rely on logical and predictable outcomes. We think there's the "right time." And we feel when we get nervous about a new opportunity and say "no" or pass on it, we are listening to our gut.

We pass and say no to new possibilities and opportunities because they feel risky and uncomfortable. They often make our gut feel weird and weirdly energized.

What we fail to recognize is how we are, in fact choosing from fear. Fear is frequently controlling our lives through subtle, powerful manipulation. Like presenting us with what could go wrong, what don't we know, how it could make things worse, and how we could look wrong or foolish.

Our gut, nerves, and fears are not sharing with us what could go right! What's possible? And they are not pointing out how we underestimate our ability to adapt, how much we have already overcome and what we are capable of overcoming, how resilient we are, and how much we can actually handle.

You say "no," and this eases your nervous system, which you think is freaking out, but it's often screaming yesssss to new opportunities, risks, and adventure.

Everything you want is on the other side of nerves, fear, discomfort, a risk, and taking a chance.

The love you want!

The business you want!

The money you want!

The happy, fun, and peaceful life you want!

Yes, it's all available, but it comes at a cost, risk, and taking a leap.

You can and will live a fine, good enough, safe life, not taking risks, and keeping your gut and nervous system calm.

But you will miss out on an extraordinary life...

My gut and my fears didn't want me to leave LA after 30 years and move to NYC. It didn't want me to walk away from a successful 16+ year career in the hospitality industry to become a Coach. It didn't want me to hire my own coach that cost more than any car I've owned. It didn't want me to end some relationships that clearly weren't working. It didn't want me to buy a house or create a crazy dating adventure.

But in all those cases, I said yes, to the fear. I leaned into the risk. I chose the possibility because I knew even if things didn't work out, I'd have another shot, and I could bounce back.

I'm not special. I just say yes to risk, fear, and possibility.

And because I say yes, I got to leave a life as a guy who was unhappy, miserable in his work, drank too much, was lousy at love, an a**hole, never made enough money, and was often stressed out. And I got to step into the life of a guy who loves his life, his job, built a successful business, supports others to love their lives and run thriving businesses, owns a home in San Diego, and is in the best relationship of his life.

This is why we created the Alchemy of Men Retreat & Your Love Adventure. We created a possibility for you. We created an opportunity for you to find and create what you want, be it love, a new business or career, moving, happiness, better relationships, and living a life of more peace, ease, and less stress.

It's all here for you. And I promise your gut, fear, and nerves will try and talk you out of it with impeccable logic, reason, and uncomfortable feelings. And when we listen, we stay where we are. What we want becomes possible when we lean in and say yes to the unknown and the uncomfortable.

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