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Speaking - Workshops - Retreats

Alex is available for speaking to groups of various sizes.

His direct, authentic, heart-based, and inspirational approach is motivating and will capture a group’s attention.  


Speaking opportunities around:

  • Unleashing Your Authentic Employee

  • Building an Authentic Company

  • Heart-Centered Masculine Leadership

  • Commitment over Feelings

  • Empowered Relationships

  • Communication and Leadership

  • Unleashing Your Inner DreamMason

Alex Terranova speakig on a panel on successful relationships
Alex Terranova speaking, leading, and training for a Corporate Restaurant Opening

Workshops can teach, motivate and inspire. DreamMason®️ Coaching has general themed workshops and can customize a workshop for your company or group.  Workshops can be training or coaching focused, and can function in conjunction with other modalities.

Retreats are currently being offered in partnership with yoga instructors. Together we create a life-transforming environment that supports growth, well-being, stress-relief and joy. Retreats can include group and/or individual coaching.

AlexTerranova leading a workshop at a yoga studio


Break up the Status quo with a Powerful

Speech, Workshop or Retreat !



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