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Your Love Adventure™️

By Evin & Alex

(Formerly: The Tulum Dating Adventure Experiment)


In the summer of 2021 I created The Tulum Dating Experiment.  I had no idea this wild dating experiment would go viral, put me on the San Diego News, find me love, an amazing partner, and lead us to creating Your Love Adventure!


 This experiment started as a fun dating experiment about following desire, chasing inspiration, doing things that light you up because when you do that it creates space, and space becomes a vacuum for possibility. When you shut down, close off, judge, assess, think too much, live from fear, doubt, shoulds, or have toos you seal yourself off from possibility and everything magical about life!  If you don't like your job, cold calls, getting clients, how your marriage is going, the experience you are having dating, with finances, or even your relationship to food, exercise, your body, or sex you will not succeed or enjoy any of those things.  This experiment was a demonstration that we can reinvent, recreate, and reimagine our relationship to anything and from that new relationship create the results we want.  And have a great time in the process!

And through this experiment, Your Love Adventure was born

"Two Coaches learned through experience that we can wait for love or we can embark on an adventure to co-create it with The Universe."

In July of 2021 I found myself in a bar in Santa Barbara with my cousin.  


We talked about all the failed relationships, false starts, heartbreaks, and silly dating choices I'd made over the years.

Dating had always been fun, almost a game for me, but the relationships never worked out.  At 39, I was over it, the dates, the apps, the games, ugh, I was over it all!  And I was really clear I was ready to meet someone different, someone I could create a life with.

I also realized I was the common denominator in all my relationships, so something had to change!


Wait let's back up...


The Full Story, But Shorter

So You Wanna Go To Tulum?

Hi, I'm Alex Terranova, I'm a single 39-year-old Personal & Professional Performance Coach, 2x Author, Podcaster, Wiener Dog Dad to Cali, 90% Plant-Based, Mezcal & Tequila Lover, an avid Hot Yoga, Gym & Peloton user, oh and a Recovering Asshole!


I love to travel, am super creative in the kitchen, and I read like someone's burning the last of the books. I also really believe in working on yourself mentally and spiritually so if you are opposed to coaching, personal growth, therapy, or spirituality we probably don't make sense. I've never been married, I want to get married, and I have no kids.​

In 2020 I booked a trip to Tulum for a good friend's wedding. I bought two tickets, booked an epic hotel on the beach, and planned for a 2 week trip with my then-girlfriend.  As often happens, that relationship did not work out. The next one didn't either.


And all of this with 2020 & COVID as the backdrop, the wedding got postponed.


I kept dating, meeting people yet but in July 2021 and I was still single, frustrated, over the apps, annoyed with the lack of connection, shallowness, inauthenticity in dating, but mostly just not having any fun.​

And I was committed to not only finding a date for this Tulum Trip and Wedding, but I was also ready to find my person and start creating a life with someone.

And so The Tulum Dating Adventure Experiment was born

A free trip to Tulum with me, a guy you don't know. This is either reality TV or crazy. But that's what's awesome. I love a good story and I'm, well we are creating one. 


We meet people in all sorts of ways and 99% of the time the people we meet and date are dead ends. And even when we have success dating and we get married 50% of those end up in divorce. So is there even a right way to date and do this?


So let's try something different. 

And while I have no idea how this experiment will go, I know it will be a fun adventure and we'll create an amazing story.

But here's the kicker...

I'm was not going to choose who goes with me!!!!​


I realize, there's only one common denominator between who I date.  It's me, I'm the one choosing my partners and that hasn't worked.  So to remove a blind spot, to release control, to be more vulnerable and open to possibility in service of a new result I'm letting some of my wisest, loving, and best friends/family pick for me.

IMG_3190 copy.jpg

And after weeks of putting myself out there, being vulnerable, sharing my heart being interviewed on podcasts and even the San Diego News getting vulnerable we received tons of support, feedback, and over 100 women that wanted to embark on this adventure in love.  

After a few weeks of my team vetting applications, interviewing women, and the women's friends interviewing me, getting to know each other on FaceTime Dates, calls, and texts we had narrowed it down and actually created our final two in person dates.  


And it couldn't have been more clear when we found her...

And then we met Evin Rose...

And the connection, relationship, and partnership could not have been any better.  


It wasn't long before we knew we had to create 


A whole new way that anyone can go on a journey and embark on a new way of finding and creating love in their lives.  


Just you creating your own adventure, with our support, coaching, 5 pillars of success and guidance, of course.  

And this is more than about finding love, it's about releasing control, getting out of your comfort zone, feeling free, having fun, and enjoying this your life, job, and relationships.

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