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Unexpected Call

It's not always easy to go for what you want in life. The journey is hard. Challenges and circumstances mount daily to derail you. People that you thought would support you, friends and family, will question your decisions, judge or even tell you you're wrong or making a mistake. There's that voice in the back of your mind that says quit or keeps reminding you why you can't. Maybe you start thinking about what your current situation is or what happened in the past and lose sight of what's possible or what's next. We all have those days. We all get down on ourselves and starting thinking of all the reasons why we can't, and we all get scared, what if we fail or even scarier what if we succeed... I was having that kind of morning. Then out of the blue my Dad calls me. (Side note, my Dad rarely calls me, when we talk it's often quick chit chat then he passes the phone to my Mom). However, today he called and I decided to share the negative beliefs that were swirling in my mind. I was down on myself, questioning my choices and struggling in my circumstances and he then says, "I want you to know I'm proud of you. I believe in you and what you are doing." (Yes, you can call me a cry baby.) He went on to tell me that often in life when you really go for something there are very few people that will have your back, that will stand with you 100% and usually those that don't are more afraid for themselves then for you. It was hard to keep it together... I don't know if I remember my Dad ever telling me he believes in me or is proud of me. I'm sure he has but this time was big. I needed it. I needed it today. Stick to your guns, go for your goals and dreams, put one foot in front of the other and don't quit. If you keep pushing, if you keep going, if you don't stop you will succeed and sometimes you get little unexpected gems like this along the way. Call or tell someone you love that you love them today. Tell them you are proud of them. Tell them you believe in them. It's amazing something so simple can have such a profound impact.

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