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EP5 - The Power of Reinvention

Ep5 - The Power of Reinvention - with Mark Hunter

It is such a pleasure to share this conversation with you and introduce you to Mark Hunter. Mark is not only my coach, but he is a Master Certified Coach and founder and President of Pinnacle Coaching, an international business and executive coaching company. He has led a coach training program called Accomplishment Coaching on the east coast for more than 10 years, is a member of its executive team and as the Chief Development Officer is responsible for its corporate partnerships and development of innovative delivery methods for coach training. Mark is also the author of the book, "The Brink - How Great Leadership is Invented”.

I am proud and honored to have Mark as a guest on The DreamMason Podcast and to share his story with you.

Mark and I discuss his childhood, how he beat the odds and didn’t allow the environment he grew up in to determine where he ended up. We also take a look at what he did when he realized he wasn’t happy or fulfilled after accomplishing his goal of creating a successful career on Wall Street. We dive into what it was like to travel around the world for a year with no plan, choosing new dreams and building them, as well as creating home anywhere, the power of choice, building relationships, learning to be present, getting married, and causing leadership from vulnerability in others.

Mark is a DreamMason who is out there helping other leaders unleash their inner DreamMason everyday!

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