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EP7 - Being Resilient and Never Giving Up

EP7 - Being Resilient and Never Giving Up with Michael Eck

Michael Robert Eck is a natural risk taker and innovative entrepreneur. He has lived a life that most people are not brave enough to pursue. He never played it safe, always followed his passion, and never made excuses. He is a fighter, a love warrior. Michael was born with hemophilia, a blood disease that can turn any slight injury into a life-threatening emergency.

While we always hear stories of the rich and famous that failed and then succeeded, it’s not often we hear the story of a man who has won and then lost, only to rise again, to lose it all again, to then try again and again. Michael never quits! Never.

Michael Eck is a DreamMason and an inspiration, not only because he has built business after business, succeeded and failed, but he did all that while overcoming life-threatening health battles with hemophilia, hepatitis-c, as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

If you’ve ever been afraid to try or scared to take a risk and fail this is the story to hear. Michael is the definition of resilience and picking one’s self up after falling down.

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