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Architectural Blueprints to Soul Blueprints - Part 2

EP10 - Architectural Blueprints to Soul Blueprints - Part Two - with Danielle Paige

This is the second part of a two-part episode of the DreamMason Podcast with Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Astrologer, and Intuitive Danielle Paige. Danielle and I shot and recorded this episode live for Facebook and Instagram and if you missed it you can now listen to it right here.

Danielle is a deeply connected, playful, powerful, and insightful person. I was fortunate to sit down with her to discuss her journey. We explored how she built and then left a successful yet unfulfilling career in architecture to discover her soul’s purpose and path in healing and helping others.

In Part-One, we dive into Danielle’s personal journey, explore her successes and challenges and learn about her life and business. We discuss how she discovered her psychic, empath and clairvoyant abilities and how she helps women live lives with more purpose, clarity, passion, and love. We also look at how she uses astrology and birth charts to to map people’s soul truth.

In Part-Two, Danielle shares her talents and abilities with us by demonstrating her craft as she dives deep into my personal birth chart, analyzing and sharing what it reveals about me, my soul, life and future.

We have a lot of fun in these two episodes while also touching on vulnerable and sensitive topics like love, money, feelings, relationships, age, weight, and body image.

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You can connect with Danielle Paige here: Website:

Instagram: @healingpaige

You can connect with Alex Terranova here: Instagram: @InspirationalAlex Facebook: Website: Email:

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