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Your Brain, The Unknown Obstacle

EP17 - Your Brain, The Unknown Obstacle

Today on The DreamMason Podcast we take a look at the brain. I don’t have a guest. I don’t have a co-host. It’s just me. A few weeks ago I was asked by a listener if I would be doing any shows alone. At first I thought, why would I want to do that? Who wants to listen to me for 30+ minutes? That’s hilarious right, because clearly someone does or they wouldn’t have requested it. I noticed I was confronted and challenged by the request. As someone who loves growth and realizes growth only occurs outside our comfort zone, I saw it as an opportunity to push myself as well as expand The DreamMason Podcast.

On today’s show, I discuss the evolution of the brain. How the brain evolved from the reptilian to the mammalian and then to the human brain. I look at how each works, what the differences are, and how they continue to impact and play a part in our current lives. I take a long look at the reptilian brain and how it’s often running the show, creating problems, worry, stress, anxiety, fear and how it continues to be a subconscious driving force in our lives. By the end I take you through 5 ways to reclaim your brain as an ally and step into more of your human potential.

Most of the facts I used in todays podcast stem from what I have learned from Dr. Rick Hanson. I highly suggest reading his book Buddha’s Brain for more information.

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