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Hidden Addictions

EP21 - Hidden Addictions with Cailin McDuff

Welcome to another episode of The Bricks, a short one topic episode of The DreamMason®️ Podcast, intended to spark inspiration and support you in moving one step closer to your Dreams.

My friend, colleague and exceptional coach, Cailin McDuff is back!!! Today we dive into the

topic of hidden addictions. I want to be crystal clear, Cailin and I are coaches, we are not addition specialists, therapists or doctors. We are not trained in addiction or breaking addiction. If you think you might have an issue with addiction please seek the appropriate level of care.

For this podcast we are taking a look at how our relationship to some things that we don’t normally view as addictive, can actually take on an addictive nature and impact our experience of life. As a society we are pretty clear that alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, drugs and sex are addictive, but it seems we have ignored or accepted the hidden addictions such as work, love, attention getting and social media. We take an honest look at these hidden addictions sharing some of our own personal experiences.

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You can connect with Cailin McDuff here: Website: Email: Instagram: @cailinmcduff

You can connect with Alex Terranova here: Instagram: @InspirationalAlex Website: Email:

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