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Why Don't Men Ask For Support

EP38 - Why Don't Men Ask For Support with Jeff Miller

Welcome to the The Bricks, a short one topic episode of The DreamMason Podcast. Intended to spark inspiration and support you moving one step closer to your Dreams.

Jeff Miller is an Executive Coach, Husband, Father of Three and a Former Professional Tennis Player. Jeff and I go way back and it’s truly a gift to be able to collaborate on this podcast.

On this episode of The Bricks we discuss:

  • The challenge for men in asking for support.

  • The historic belief and media driven ideas that asking for support and being vulnerable is weak.

  • How to ask for support.

  • Where people get stuck around the topic or need for support.

  • Identifying what you need.

  • Fear and the impact of not getting support in relationships.

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You can connect with Jeff Miller here:

Instagram: @Jeff MillerCoaching

You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex



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