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Poker is Life

EP42 - Poker is Life with Johnnie Moreno aka JohnnieVibes

Johnnie Moreno, better know as JohnnieVibes, is a Professional Poker Player, Entrepreneur, Creator and Youtube sensation. Johnnie is wise, kind, vulnerable, and motivated to expand his consciousness improving himself and sharing that process with others along the way. He has cashed, which means placed or won money, three of the last six years at the World Series of Poker, a huge feat, and just hit 1 Million views on his Youtube channel where he shares his life, poker, and his journey.

Johnnie and I discuss:

-Personal growth and the importance of doing things that make us uncomfortable.

-The parallels between Poker, Life, and Entrepreneurship.

-Money mindset and transforming your relationship to money and risk.

-How you can shift and transform your relationship to anything. And why you'd want to.

-We look at how we as humans create meaning in events.

-How the quality of your relationships parallels the relationship you have to the quality of your life.

-Vulnerability as access to all deep connections.

-The benefits of having a coach and someone in your corner adding value and support to your life.

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You can connect with Johnnie Moreno here:

Instagram: @johnnievibes

Twitter: @JohnnieVibes

You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex



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