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Entrepreneurial Real-Talk

EP46 - Entrepreneurial Real-Talk with Jake Kelly

Jake Kelly is a former two-sport Division 1 Athlete and a highly successful entrepreneur. She is

a top earner in a network marketing company, leading a huge team, over 500 entrepreneurs, supporting and training them to succeed in building their own businesses. What I love about Jake is she makes everything fun and attractive. She utilizes the lessons she learned from sports to cultivate magnetic team culture and teamwork by bringing people together and keeping them excited and inspired to reach their goals.

Jake and I discuss:

-Managing anxiety.

-What happens after you hit your goals.

-The breakdowns and challenges people don’t talk about when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

-Fear and sharing vulnerability.

-Entrepreneurial leadership.

-Clarity vs certainty.

-Being a leader even when not feeling your best.

-Marriage, the partnership, and mindsets between the entrepreneurial partner and the non-entrepreneur partner.

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You can connect with Jake Kelly here:

Instagram: @JakeandJoyKelly or @thejakekelly_

You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex


YouTube: TheDreamMasonPodcast


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