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The “MindTraveler”

EP48 - The “MindTraveler” with Murray Hidary.

Murray Hidary, the man that “plagiarizes nature”, is a trailblazing composer and pianist. He is the visionary

mind behind MindTravel. I met Murray last year in a home in Los Angeles where he was about to share MindTravel to a small audience. Through this uninterrupted, one-hour musical experience, which he creates, composes and performs in the moment, I felt transported and moved emotionally and mentally in ways I have never experienced. Since then I have been using his MindTravel music as part of my meditation practice as a way to open my mind, to express myself through writing and to create open quiet space in my day.

What impresses me about Murray is his wisdom, and the way he approaches music, creativity and living his life. It was a pleasure and an honor to sit down with Murray, someone who’s courage, brilliance, talent and generosity I deeply admire.

MindTravel is a musical journey that Murray created from his own core spiritual practice. While Murray grew up Jewish in Brooklyn, he felt called to seek and understand other cultures, philosophies and spiritual practices. Through his curiosity of Eastern Philosophical and Mystical ideas and his study of Western Classical Music, his own musical language was born. This practice encouraged him to explore his emotions and subconscious creating the space for things within him to come to the surface and be released via musical composition - MindTravel.

“Murray has brought MindTravel to famed venues including Lincoln Center, The Theater at the Ace Hotel, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Grace Cathedral, The National Arts Club and festivals including Wanderlust, Carlsbad and Burning Man. He has also pioneered a live ‘silent’ piano headphone Mind Travel creating an immersive music experience. Mind Travel has been brought to audiences in theaters, beaches and parks including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, London, Montauk, New Jersey, Miami, Aspen, Oxford, Malibu, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Germany, Italy and Croatia.”

Murray and I discuss:

  • His goal is to transport people through music;

  • The bravery and experience of creating something new for the first time, every single time;

  • Why great things only happen outside our comfort zone;

  • Fear and the ways to step into and through it;

  • Learning to relate to failure as an ally that supports our growth;

  • Pushing boundaries physically and emotionally;

  • The importance of having a coach or teacher when you are committed to improving or being your best;

  • His vision of creating a life where no dream is left behind;

  • The importance of making “space” for ourselves in each day and the magic that can be created in empty spaces.

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You can connect with Murray Hidary here:

Instagram: @MurrayHid

Twitter: @MurrayHidary

You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex



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