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Police Officer to Entrepreneurial Juggernaut

EP53 - Police Officer to Entrepreneurial Juggernaut

“If you are creating change in a positive light, the money comes later…”

-Justin Insalaco

Justin Insalaco is a heart centered change maker who utilizes his persistence and drive to create a positive change in the world.

Justin wasn’t born, bred, or educated to be an entrepreneur. At 19 years old he became a New Jersey Police Officer and through his experience he saw opportunities in the problems he faced and became determined to create a solution. He created Guidant Systems––a revolutionary law enforcement technology application, that maximizes efficiency and communication among law enforcement workers. Guidant Systems has since been adopted by hundreds of law enforcement agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service, and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

One of the things I love about Justin is he has no training, advantages or special talents to do what he does, but his determination leads him to create new technologies and businesses. Justin’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop with Guidant Systems, he has since found 3BDreams, a think-tank providing marketing structures, financial resources, and directional assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, he, a disruptive online diamond platform, was appointed Board Member of WomenVotes, named President of Atmos Digital Corporation, co-founded the Tesla List––a non-profit collaboration between Tesla foundation, Police Athletic Association, Atmos and 3BDreams––which teaches curriculum on business development and professionalism to urban youth around the United States.

On this episode of The Dreammason Podcast we discuss:

-The journey from police officer to entrepreneur

-Creating change and solving problems as access to entrepreneurial success

-The challenges of being an entrepreneur

-Persistence as the key to Entrepreneurship

-Failure and Fear

-Creating your Why or What For

-Generating Happiness

-Disrupting the Diamond Industry

-The impact of Media on Industry

-Empathy in Entrepreneurship

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