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What Your Clothes Say About You

EP55 - “What Your Clothes Say About You”

“Comfort becomes the security blanket of stuck energy.”

Anna Neimark

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Anna Neimark is a ruthlessly compassionate personal fashion stylist, style coach, and speaker who dresses leaders to fully align the way they show up in the world with their Next Level of income, influence, and impact. Her perspective on personal fashion is ontological and psychological and rooted in personal development and personal growth training. She truly get’s the phrase, "the way you do one thing, is the way you do everything” and incorporates that motto into her business, her life, and how she impacts her clients.

But Anna wasn’t always pursuing a dream in fashion, personal development, and supporting others to be their best. Her journey started by doing everything right, fitting into the cookie cutter mold, following the advice of her parents and culture, and pursuing an education and career in engineering. Unwilling to continue living a life that satisfied her family and culture she ditched the corporate paycheck and started to pursue her passion. Now only a few years in she shares her journey and digs into my closet, evaluates my fashion, and educates us on how what we wear says about what we believe or don’t believe about ourselves.

On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

-What your clothes tell the world about you

-Leaving the safe path and pursuing a dream

-Turning your side hustle into success

-The mindset behind the way we dress and the way our closets look

-Abundance and Scarcity Mindset

-Comfort when it comes to clothes often is holding us back

-Style and sales

-Choosing your look from the next level you

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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason and a Performance & Mindfulness Coach. He works with Leaders, Creators, and Innovators; those brave enough to build their dreams. If you’re a high performer looking for an edge, with a desire to expand your leadership, generate more money, more time and feel more fulfilled, working with Alex will support you in making that life a reality.

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