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Take This Pill, Change Your Life. Seriously! with Robert Richman

Ep106 - Take This Pill, Change Your Life, Seriously!

"You. On Purpose."

Robert Richman

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This episode is wild! This was the most challenging episode I've ever recorded. Not only did I take a pill, but I also got emotional, scared, excited, and very confronted as my guest, Robert Richman, conducted his life-changing activation transformational approach on me live in the studio. This is also the first time on The DreamMason Podcast, my mentor, a coach of roughly 30 years, a Master Certified Coach, the Founder and CEO of Accomplishment Coaching, and the Host of The Coaching Show Podcast for 17 years joins me as my guest Co-Host.

Our guest, Robert Richman, is a Culture Hacker, former Culture Strategist at Zappos, he's the creator of XPill, the author of X: The Story of a Magic Pill and the book The Culture BluePrint. As a Culture Strategist and Speaker he has worked with companies like Google, Westin, Toyota, and Eli Lilly.

Robert Richman XPill and Alex Terranova on The DreamMason Podcast

On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

-The evolution of the XPill, BurningMan and The Matrix

-The connection between the brain and language

-How a pill that is simply brown rice powder and makes no claims is changing people's lives

-How to use the XPill effectively

-Uncut and unedited vulnerable XPill activation experience with Alex

-Embracing the nightmare in Alex's mind

-Embracing the dream in Alex's mind

-What happens after XPill activation

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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason, the author of Fictional Authenticity, a Personal & Professional Performance Coach, and he Hosts The DreamMason Podcast, & Co-Hosts The Coaching Show Podcast. He supports strong & successful high achievers to unmask convention, embrace the rebel within them, and more deeply explore the complex and agitated edges of our existence to create more clarity, freedom, and success.

Alex has been featured on NBC, Fox, Focus TV’s Good Morning LaLa Land, NBC Radio, Elephant Journal, The Rising Man Podcast, The Sovereign Society Podcast, Love Living Radio, and an episode of The Villain Crusher.

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