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Disipline, Commitment, and Integrity Matter

Discipline Matters. Commitment Matters. Integrity Matters. Self Care Matters. And all these things matter now more than ever!

Why? Well... I’ll explain.

This is the end of the 1/3 of 2020. And the first 1/3 of my 2020 366 day vegan plant-based experiment.

So why does commitment, integrity, self-care, and discipline matter now more than ever? Because these are things you can own. These are things you can be responsible for. And things you can control.

You can’t control the quarantine, the government, the weather, who gets sick or who doesn't, when kids go back to school, the economy, and so many things...

But you can control and practice these things. And when these things are your foundation for living, everything in your life can be leveled up, because there becomes a possibility in places were wasn't, and opportunities are found and created and followed through on.

See without discipline, commitment, self-care, and integrity nothing matters because you won't like yourself, you won't believe in yourself, you won't follow through, you won't finish what you start, you might not even start, and you won't take consistent action needed to make things happen!

This 1/3 of 2020 has been a lot of things, and on a positive note for me, it's been a big win for discipline, self-care, commitment, and integrity.

How can you practice discipline, commitment, self care and integrity starting tomorrow? It will change your life!

Alex Terranova is a DreamMason and knows you are one too. He’s the Author of Fictional Authenticity, Creator of Fictional Authenticity-The Course, Hosts The DreamMason Podcast, Co-Hosts The Coaching Show Podcast, is a successful Certified Personal & Professional Performance Business & Life Coach who supports strong and successful high achievers to unmask convention, embrace the rebel within, and more deeply explore the complex and agitated edges of our existence to create more clarity, freedom, and success in their lives.

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