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A Difficult Relationship with Dad

How many of us wish we had a difficult relationship with our Dad?

How many of us wish we had more time with our Dad?

How many of us wish we could have gone deeper and gotten to know our Dads better?

How many of us think our dads were great examples of what it looks like to be a man?

How many of us try to avoid being our Dad?

Our relationship with our Dad impacts us in ways we can't imagine.

We try not to be them.

We try to be better than them.

We try not to be better than them.

We try to avoid them.

We try to avoid ourselves.

Our relationships with our fathers have significantly impacted our lives, relationships, and work. And it's stolen a lot of time, energy, and focus of our lives.

What if we could change that? What if we could turn it into something that works for us, supports us, our business, our families, and our happiness?

What if we could transform our relationship with our fathers, whether they are here, participating or not?

What could that make possible for you?

If your relationship with your father was good, inadequate, or nonexistent... It's time to get free of our fathers.

It's possible.

The Alchemy of Men Retreat, Oct 27th

Alex Terranova, men's coach, business coach, alchemist and men's work facilitator discussed the challenges of the relationships men have with their fathers


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