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A Puppy and a Lesson on Fear

I feel so proud. She's been afraid of water. But we kept trying. I kept going in offering her the chance, she kept running away. And then, one day, a few days ago, she didn't, she ran in, she swam, played, and she was fine.


And it's no different for humans. We are afraid of something. And if we buy into that fear and run away from the fear nothing changes and we stay victimized by the fear. But if we accept that fears are nothing other than feelings, and sensations, then we can grow, change, evolve, and do things we want to do.


So how do you overcome fears?

1) Notice the fear.

2) Name it as fear. Label it for what it is and feel it in your body.

3) Take a minute and breathe into the fear feelings.

4) Acknowledge what isn't possible because of the fear.

5) Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen if you tried and failed or if the fear came true.

6) Decide, is it time to show up, step in, and go for it, or are you willing to live in fear and hid from it again.

7) Take action!


Aside from some life and death fear, most fear just shows you your limit, where you stop, where your comfort level ends. But if you want to grow, expand, life bigger, be more successful fear is the signal to keep going, to keep pushing. You can choose to embrace fear then for what it is, a call forth!


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