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Being Vulnerable as a Man

About a month ago, during the Monday Night Football Game, Damar Hamlin, of the Buffalo Bills, 24-year-old Safety, collapsed on the field after making a tackle and spent the whole week in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest.

I was reading about it moments after it occurred. It was heartbreaking, and I noticed a few things when I heard about this and saw the players.

Being vulnerable as a Man

First, my life and problems suddenly didn't have much importance. Being alive and healthy is truly a gift; nothing else matters when that gift is taken away. I also felt heartbroken for his family, friends, and friends and everyone who loves him. This is a terrifying time for them all.

And then I noticed grown men, some of the strongest in our culture. Men who we relate to as beasts, titans, monsters, and warriors break down in tears. I saw men come together, get vulnerable, and open their hearts. I saw men hold each other, support each other, and cry on each other's shoulders.

As I watched these giants of men, these larger-than-life characters put down their masculine defensive walls and nurture each other.

Why do we only allow this when tragedies occur or during great victories?

Men, we don't need to wait for tragedy to occur to be human; feel, cry, hold each other, hug, embrace, and let the pain out.

Men, we don't need to wait for victory, championships, or awards to feel either.

We can be human with each other.

We can be strong yet nurturing.

We can be tough yet cry.

We can be afraid and move forward anyway, which makes us brave.

We can hold each other like brothers in times of hardship.

We can fall apart on each other's shoulders.

We can show our hearts and know that doing so gives others more permission to show theirs.

If we continue to hold back our human feelings, we will miss the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be fully human.

We will miss the opportunities to connect with people before a tragedy occurs.

And we will miss all the moments we could have celebrated!

These heartbreaking moments show us and remind us who we truly are and can be as men and human beings!

I want to see more men come together to support, feel, and nurture each other without extreme tragedy.

That's a world I'd love to see.

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