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Busyness is Basic

Men (this likely will resonate with many women, too), do you notice how you are typically quite busy?

I sure do. Even my Mom told me she hadn't called because she knows how busy I am. And do you notice that we often talk about how busy we are like it's temporary, unique, special, or a burden?

And yet it's just so normal.

You get a new job, change teams, start a new project, buy a new house, have a baby, get a promotion, move, start a company, it's about to be the holidays, it's after the holidays, or it's before or after a vacation. Insert almost anything, and you're busy. Since we are all so busy, it's just normal.

Being busy isn't a bad thing. Some of us love our projects, endless to-do lists, and responsibilities. And it also might be subconsciously a statement to the world that you're productive, up to something, and essential or successful to some degree.

And if we aren't busy, ever notice, it's either looked at with envy or shame?

Now here's the weird thing. Most of us aren't excited about our busyness.

We aren't over the moon, filled with joy, fulfillment, or passion about our busyness.

Many of us act like our busyness is a burden. We often use it as an excuse, reason, or circumstance that keeps us from connecting with people, going to events, getting in workouts, activities, hobbies, and often things that would be good for us or that we'd like to be doing.

Isn't it weird that we have made this busy thing so normal and yet aren't excited about it?

That it's not fulfilling or serving us in so many ways except for the illusion that it means we are successful or important to some degree.

Since it's so normal and typical, it just means we are basic.

If you are like me, excited about things in your life and career and yet don't want to be or feel busy all the time, or if you aren't that excited about your life and career, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) What is being so busy all the time actually costing me? What is the price I'm paying or the things I'm losing out on? (Consider it might be your health, relationships with your kids, partner, family, or friends. It might be the ability to travel, find happiness or peace.)

2) What do I make busy (or the things that keep me busy) mean about me? Does it mean I'm important, valuable, worthy, intelligent, successful, or something else?

3) What am I avoiding by being so busy? Maybe it's intimacy with others or with yourself. Perhaps it's acknowledging or being with success you have already created. Maybe you'd have to recognize that you are living in you

r comfort zone and are afraid to get outside of it.

4) If you could stop being busy today without consequences, what are five things you really get excited about doing?

5) Do one of those things this week! Do one of them next week and keep doing them.

Busyness is basic. It's ordinary, and if you aren't busy doing the things you love most about life or with those you care about most, you're missing out on your life and creating an extraordinary life.

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