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Empty Gyms, Resolutions, and Integrity

Only one month into 2023, and the gym is already almost empty as usual. The New Years' resolution fitness phenomenon is an excellent example of why integrity is the most important thing when it comes to being and becoming the man, father, brother, friend, or leader you say you want to be.

Empty Gyms. integrity and resolutions

Our integrity is a human and spiritual bond that includes:

  • Being honest and reliable to ourselves.

  • Being our word.

  • Doing and being someone who keeps their thoughts and actions in alignment.

  • Knowing that declaring intentions and results and then taking action in service of those intentions and results makes anything possible.

  • Understanding that your integrity is a personal relationship with your highest self.

You can't outrun the shit that life will throw at you, but how you respond to the things that life brings tells the story of the man you are.

A man's integrity can be the rocket fuel that propels wealth, health, and happiness!

Interested in rocket fuel? Let's chat, and schedule some time with me ( )

The Alchemy of Men Summer Retreat in Utah

Are you ready for an adventure?

Are you ready to break free from your old habits and take control of your life?

If so, the Alchemy of Men Retreat is the perfect opportunity for you!

Join us in the beautiful and secluded mountains of Utah in June, where you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth led by personal development experts Alex Terranova and Bob Conlin. They have created a unique program that combines their extensive knowledge and experience to help men transform their lives.

At the retreat, you will learn how to tap into your inner power, overcome limiting beliefs, and create a vision for your future. You will also learn how to build stronger relationships, improve communication skills, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others—and all this while surrounded by like-minded men who are also on a journey of self-discovery and growth, creating a supportive community to help you reach your goals.

We have also planned various activities, including group discussions, workshops, and outdoor activities to help you connect with yourself and Utah's natural beauty.

The early bird $500 discount is only available until February 18, 2023. Register now by email to secure your spot at the Alchemy of Men Retreat, and join us on the adventure of a lifetime.

See you in Utah!

Best regards, The Alchemy of Men Retreat Team

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