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Fear & Possibility - How Do I Live My Dreams

Wanna see how fear and possibility work?

When I created the Tulum Dating Experiment a year ago, hundreds of people reached out, many sharing how inspired they were, and many commented that they wanted to do something like this. Some asked if I could help them create it. Others suggested they were going to do something similar themselves.

What happened at that moment?

They saw a possibility for themselves. They found hope and saw a vision of a new way to date and find love through fun and adventure.

The possibility was alive! They had let themselves become inspired, and something awoke within them.

And then what happened?

Well, here's the thing about possibility. It has a short life. We see, feel, and get turned on by it very fast. All the while, our ego, and its accomplices, fear, and logic, are warming up in the subconscious parking lot, waiting to reinsert themselves into the driver's seat.

If you don't jump on possibility in a moment, it often vanishes as it did for 99.9% of these people.

They didn't create their version. They didn't try something new in dating. They didn't work with me or say yes to the opportunity to do a program with Your Love Adventure.

And I want to be clear; there is nothing wrong with any of them or their choices.

This is simply how possibility works, how your mind and ego keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

But it also costs you the experience of living your most extraordinary life. And this happens all the time. Inspiration arrives, and we see possibilities. Be it to transform our bodies, quit the job we hate, go for the dream job, write a book or perform your music live, start a business, or maybe to move to a new country. Or a million other ideas and dreams which die on the vine of hesitation.

So, where does possibility get stuck?

We think that fear, that feeling, or anxiety coming from our gut is saying "no" or "be careful," or maybe it's saying, "it's not the right time," or "we don't have the money," but we are mistaken...

It's not fear, anxiety, or your gut, it's actually excitement and your soul screaming YESSSSSSSS!

That feeling is uncomfortable, and sure it's scary, but that's what it feels like to be alive.

You just forgot how that feeling feels because you have repeatedly squashed it down as it felt hard to be within the moment, so you label the discomfort something bad, like anxiety or doubt.

You've "slept on it (decisions)" so many times and woke up, and the possibility was gone that you convinced yourself you not saying "yes," was following your gut and that you made the right decision.

But you just misinterpreted the signs and feelings.

Look at your life. If;

-You don't love your job,

-Can't muster up creativity,

-Aren't happy,

-Feel trapped and stressed out,

-Your feelings and emotions are running your life,

-Your money, love life, dating life, and relationships aren't where you want them to be...

Those are the examples life is showing you that you've repeatedly let possibility slip through your fingers.

So how we breathe life back into possibility?

We take risks.

We say yes to scary things.

We make being comfortable the enemy and fall in love with discomfort.

We grab hold of opportunities, say yes, and take immediate action when we feel excited, inspired, and called to something.

We stop sleeping on something and go for it.

We stop making excuses and finding reasons and justifications for why we can't __________.

If it doesn't kill you, it will likely make you stronger, more wise, capable, and more resilient, even if it's not right.

We stop being logical all the damn time and practice dreaming and being creative.

Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, we look for what could go right.

We say yes, we say yes, we say yes. Opportunity and possibilities love the YES. Doors open with Yes, everything shuts down with the no.

To embrace possibility demands courage. To welcome it into your life only requires you to say, Yes, when, where, and how do I start!


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