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Featured In Yahoo Finance

Feeling really special, honored, and excited about my feature in Yahoo Finance. Please check it out.

My favorite part was the opening,

"Alex Terranova isn’t afraid to call out others for their excuses. Today, he works with successful, high-net clients thanks to his fearless approach when it comes to serving up the hard pills that these powerhouses are reluctant to swallow.

“Life is a monkey in a zoo throwing poop at all the people that are coming to see it,” expressed Alex Terranova, “you’re going to get hit with poop for your whole life, the question is, who are you going to be when the poop hits you?”

This vivid analogy is both spot-on and universally relevant. As the Founder of DreamMason Inc., Alex Terranova is a Coach, Consultant, Published Author, Entrepreneur, Podcast Producer & Host, and is supporting his clients in discovering how to react when the poop inevitably lands - even the ones who are resistant to the support they want and have actually asked for in service of becoming their best.

With 2020 being the embodiment of a 3000-pound monkey with an unrivaled aim, there are no shortages of opportunities to discover who you become when life unloads on you - literally.


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