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Gas Prices and this will change Your Life

This will change your life!

When gas prices were rising, everyone was complaining and needed everyone else to know how pissed they were, and we needed someone to blame! Now that gas prices have dropped and are going down, how come everyone isn't celebrating, sharing their joy and happiness, and looking for someone to thank?

This statement isn't about gas prices or politics but our attention and perspective. Do you notice how much focus, attention, and energy we give to "what's wrong" or what we perceive as not right or bad?

And yet when things go as we want, desire, or in ways we perceive as right, good or better, we ignore, don't celebrate, miss it entirely, or are focused on something else that we think should be different.

We love the drama!

We love the complaining! We "get off on" sharing what's wrong and how upset we are.

And yet it feels much better to celebrate, be happy, and grateful than to commiserate and complain together. Still, our egos don't love that, and our negative brain bias makes giving attention to the positive a little more challenging.

But I challenge you to focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

To focus on what you like, not what you don't like.

To focus on who you can say thank you to, not who you can blame.

To be grateful instead of upset.

If you did this every day, you would have more joy, love, peace, and wealth in your life.


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