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How Coaching Supports You To Win at Business and Life

(The first half of this was originally sent out as an email)

I Hate Emails But I Love Winning

I try not to email you a lot because I hate unnecessary emails. But as I’ve been off social media for about 2 weeks and not sure when I'm going back, you should know I'm NOT DEAD. I’m here, alive, happy, crushing it, and well aware that we are now well into OCTOBER!

If you’re like me, time is flying by, and honestly, that’s a good thing. Because when time moves slowly often that signifies boredom, unhappiness, or feeling stuck.

October also means The Tulum Trip is right around the corner! This also means I'll also be taking two full weeks off to end the month! When's the last time you took two guilt-free weeks off work? Want to create that or something similar? Don't let 2021 end or 2022 begin without adding power, play, success, and intentionality into your life. I have two open spots for new clients. Book your free sample session with me now to explore what we could create if we worked together. Request that session here:

Also if you are craving a Tulum Dating Adventure Update, meet the stunning, brilliant, kind, and wild woman that stole my judges and my heart. Meet her in her own words here ( What I’ll say is I’m excited and can’t believe this wild experiment matched me up with this woman! The lesson, put yourself out there. Try new things, be radical, take chances, and experiment with your life.

If the Tulum Trip excitement isn’t your jam, no worries maybe MAKING MONEY IS! Last week a client shared with me that when we started working together in March she was making $2,500 a month in recurring revenue. Her business was not working. AND at the close of September, she was now making $15,000 a month in recurring revenue!

What would change in your life if working together had you up-level financially as she did?

And if you don’t care about Romance or Money… well there’s more!

The last few weeks have been something special,

  • One client got married and a former client is about to get married,

  • One client doubled the number of clients in his business

  • Another client saved a job he loved by changing his mindset, leadership, and management style

  • And I bought a 4 Bedroom Condo a 1/2 a mile from the beach in Southern California, hit record numbers in my business while working less than ever before, and started a new relationship.

All of this is a testament to the power of working with a coach. If you want any of that in your life, we need to talk! You deserve and can have all of this. Book your free sample session (Click here) with me now to explore what we could create if we worked together.

And here’s the thing, all of these wins have something in common…

People told me I couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t.

I heard it all!

“The housing market is terrible, you’ll never find something, you’ll overpay or get into a bidding war.”

“There are too many coaches, the market is oversaturated, it’s getting harder and harder to grow a coaching business.”

“It’s not possible to work less and make more money! Growing a business requires hard work."

“This dating experiment is crazy. You’re only going to attract crazy people. Be careful.”

So how and why does working with a coach support you to thrive and create wins everywhere?

If you are interested in learning The 5 Facets of Winning with a Coach, this can and will change your entire life, keep reading below.

Otherwise here’s some cool stuff you might be into:


So how does working with a coach and developing a coaching mindset result in a happy, thriving life full of wins?

Intention, Direction, Action, Being, and Integrity.

Intention - People aren’t doing this enough. We walk into situations and let them unfold without creating how these situations will go in our minds beforehand. No athlete or professional would ever do this. They visualize, they plan, they focus, and they decide who they will be and how things will go before ever stepping into an opportunity. As a coach, my clients start winning by first crafting intentions. If you don’t believe it’s possible for something to go the way you desire nobody else will either. When I decided I wanted to buy a house, I was very clear with my agent. I told him, I will not overpay, I won’t get in a bidding war, and we will find “my” house near the beach. I also told him the specifics I needed for the house to be a fit. There were no other options, no doubts, no fear, just faith, clarity, and focus on the intention I set. It’s not a surprise I paid less than asking, didn’t get into a bidding war, and found a place on a lagoon, less than .5 miles from the beach!

Direction - How can you get where you want to go if you don’t have a destination. Coaching demands that you choose and declare a destination. What’s the goal? What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it? What difference this win will make in your life? So many of us are afraid to share out loud what we want because of fear of what others will think or say or even the fear that we won’t achieve it. But if you want to win and hit goals you better get loud as to what you want to achieve and get specific with the metrics and milestones to help hold you accountable. As a business coach, relationship coach, or life coach I can’t make you do anything, but I can support you to build the road map and give you the direction you need to keep yourself on target.

Action - While intentions and direction are great without action nothing happens. After years of messy relationships, and numerous botched Tulum plans, I was more clear than ever that I wanted to meet a specific type of woman and go to Tulum with her. So what kind of action? I did a lot of work with my therapist on my dating patterns and mindset when it comes to my relationship with women and my own emotions. I knew if I didn't don’t do something different I’d keep getting what I got. So I started working on myself, improving myself around dating, then when I created this wild idea of a Tulum Dating Adventure Experiment the actions of putting myself out there felt so easy, freeing, and fun. Actions can be anything from doing the work to meditation, exercise, or just putting yourself out there for yourself or your business in new ways.

Being - I have a client who is an entrepreneurial small business owner who just went from $2500 a month in recurring revenue and feeling very challenged financially to over $15,000 a month in recurring revenue in 6 months!!! She literally told me that she didn’t do anything different. It wasn’t about what she was doing, but about who she was being. She told me that the work we did around shifting her mindset around money really opened her up to start earning and receiving. The work we did in business coaching sessions got her from fear to possibility and opened her up to get the clients she really wanted. (Are you blocking yourself from earning more money...we should talk.)

Integrity - This is very personal to me. Integrity is all about your thoughts, your words, and your actions being in alignment. If we aren’t in integrity with ourselves it’s like our compass is out wack. Integrity is focus, alignment, and the connecting of who we say we are to who we actually showing up as in the world. We aren’t perfect, we are human so integrity isn’t a 100% game. It’s an ongoing experience and practice to consciously notice where we aren’t in integrity with ourselves and to get back in alignment in those areas. Integrity has me take care of myself instead of staying up all night working or watching tv. Integrity has me let go of clients that don’t align with my goals and mission trusting the right clients are around the corner. Integrity allows me to share with the world my desire to meet a woman and even go on live news and talk about the process of finding her from love and adventure. Integrity keeps the ship of my life sailing in the direction I charted a course for.

While the year isn’t over, it’s basically mid-October and 2021 is coming to an end…but it’s not too late to make a change and make a big splash going into 2022.

  • Maybe you are behind on your goals,

  • Maybe you are not enjoying the journey or experience you are having of your life,

  • Maybe you are not loving work,

  • Maybe you are feeling locked up creativity,

  • Maybe you are not making the money you want to be making,

  • Or maybe you are not having fun and joy in your relationship with yourself or others

  • Or maybe everything is going really well, you’re crushing it, but you want to take it to an even higher level, or achieve more while doing less…

All that is possible…

I’m here to support you to make that life you desire a reality. I currently have two spots open in my practice, are you ready to say yes to you, your goals, and a life you love? Let’s have a conversation with me to see if we are a good fit to work together. Request a free session with me here:

with love and respect,



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